John Hugill is an American actor, Voice actor, Writer and Producer.

After a newly minted journalism degree I spent seven years as a radio announcer and on air host. Through the years voice acting, the element of designing audio and telling stories called. Which panned out. I won the “PARC Radio Creative award” 3 years in a row (which is about as good as it gets in advertising in Portland Oregon). Next I was recognized by the “RAB Mercury Awards” (which is as good as it gets in the USA). I then added Television and Film to my resume. On camera and voice work for Home Depot, Vonage, Dewalt, etc. Then, network television series work for NBC and TNT. Suddenly, I was an actor. Several independent films and big ones too. I even got to work with Ridley Scott! It’s been fun. I have been the voice in quite a few animated productions (cast most of the time as a dog. I don’t know why), I am the voice of a pretty nasty villain named Andrew Oikonny in a Nintendo Video game and I have voiced countless projects as the approachable regular guy/Dad. I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to voice something for you.